libnova  v 0.16.0


void LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_get_nutation (double JD, struct ln_nutation *nutation)
 Calculate nutation. More...

Detailed Description

Nutation is a period oscillation of the Earths rotational axis around it's mean position.

All angles are expressed in degrees.

Function Documentation

void ln_get_nutation ( double  JD,
struct ln_nutation nutation 

Calculate nutation.

JDJulian Day.
nutationPointer to store nutation

Calculate nutation of longitude and obliquity in degrees from Julian Ephemeris Day

References ln_nutation::ecliptic, ln_deg_to_rad(), ln_get_jde(), ln_nutation::longitude, and ln_nutation::obliquity.

Referenced by ln_get_apparent_sidereal_time(), ln_get_ecl_from_equ(), ln_get_equ_from_ecl(), ln_get_heliocentric_time_diff(), ln_get_solar_ecl_coords(), and ln_get_solar_equ_coords().