libnova  v 0.16.0
Data Fields
ln_nutation Struct Reference

Nutation in longitude, ecliptic and obliquity. More...

Data Fields

double longitude
double obliquity
double ecliptic

Detailed Description

Nutation in longitude, ecliptic and obliquity.

Contains Nutation in longitude, obliquity and ecliptic obliquity.

Angles are expressed in degrees.

Field Documentation

double ln_nutation::ecliptic

Mean obliquity of the ecliptic, in degrees

Referenced by ln_get_ecl_from_equ(), ln_get_equ_from_ecl(), ln_get_heliocentric_time_diff(), and ln_get_nutation().

double ln_nutation::longitude
double ln_nutation::obliquity

Nutation in obliquity, in degrees

Referenced by ln_get_apparent_sidereal_time(), and ln_get_nutation().