libnova  v 0.16.0
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Cln_dateHuman readable Date and time used by libnova
 Cln_dmsDegrees, minutes and seconds
 Cln_ell_orbitElliptic Orbital elements
 Cln_equ_posnEquatorial Coordinates
 Cln_gal_posnGalactic coordinates
 Cln_helio_posnHeliocentric position
 Cln_hmsHours, minutes and seconds
 Cln_hrz_posnHorizontal Coordinates
 Cln_hyp_orbitHyperbolic Orbital elements
 Cln_lnlat_posnEcliptical (or celestial) Longitude and Latitude
 Cln_nutationNutation in longitude, ecliptic and obliquity
 Cln_par_orbitParabolic Orbital elements
 Cln_rect_posnRectangular coordinates
 Cln_rst_timeRise, Set and Transit times
 Cln_zonedateHuman readable Date and time with timezone information used by libnova
 Clnh_equ_posnRight Ascension and Declination
 Clnh_hrz_posnAzimuth and Altitude
 Clnh_lnlat_posnEcliptical (or celestial) Latitude and Longitude