libnova  v 0.16.0
General Conversion Functions


void ln_date_to_zonedate (struct ln_date *date, struct ln_zonedate *zonedate, long gmtoff)
 convert ln_date to ln_zonedate, zero zone info More...
void ln_zonedate_to_date (struct ln_zonedate *zonedate, struct ln_date *date)
 convert ln_zonedate to ln_date More...
double LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_rad_to_deg (double radians)
 radians to degrees
double LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_deg_to_rad (double degrees)
 degrees to radians
double LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_hms_to_deg (struct ln_hms *hms)
 hours to degrees
void LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_deg_to_hms (double degrees, struct ln_hms *hms)
 degrees to hours More...
double LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_hms_to_rad (struct ln_hms *hms)
 hours to radians.
double LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_dms_to_deg (struct ln_dms *dms)
 dms to degrees
void LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_deg_to_dms (double degrees, struct ln_dms *dms)
 degrees to dms
double LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_dms_to_rad (struct ln_dms *dms)
 dms to radians
void LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_rad_to_dms (double radians, struct ln_dms *dms)
 radians to dms
void LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_hequ_to_equ (struct lnh_equ_posn *hpos, struct ln_equ_posn *pos)
 human readable equatorial position to double equatorial position
void LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_equ_to_hequ (struct ln_equ_posn *pos, struct lnh_equ_posn *hpos)
 human double equatorial position to human readable equatorial position
void LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_hhrz_to_hrz (struct lnh_hrz_posn *hpos, struct ln_hrz_posn *pos)
 human readable horizontal position to double horizontal position
void LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_hrz_to_hhrz (struct ln_hrz_posn *pos, struct lnh_hrz_posn *hpos)
 double horizontal position to human readable horizontal position
const char LIBNOVA_EXPORT * ln_hrz_to_nswe (struct ln_hrz_posn *pos)
 returns direction of given azimuth - like N,S,W,E,NSW,...
void LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_hlnlat_to_lnlat (struct lnh_lnlat_posn *hpos, struct ln_lnlat_posn *pos)
 human readable long/lat position to double long/lat position
void LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_lnlat_to_hlnlat (struct ln_lnlat_posn *pos, struct lnh_lnlat_posn *hpos)
 double long/lat position to human readable long/lat position
void LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_add_secs_hms (struct ln_hms *hms, double seconds)
 add seconds to hms
void LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_add_hms (struct ln_hms *source, struct ln_hms *dest)
 add hms to hms
double LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_range_degrees (double angle)
 puts a large angle in the correct range 0 - 360 degrees
double LIBNOVA_EXPORT ln_range_radians (double angle)
 puts a large angle in the correct range 0 - 2PI radians

Detailed Description

Conversion from one libnova type to another.

Function Documentation

void ln_date_to_zonedate ( struct ln_date date,
struct ln_zonedate zonedate,
long  gmtoff 

convert ln_date to ln_zonedate, zero zone info

zonedatePtr to zonedate
gmtoffOffset in seconds from UT
datePtr to date

Converts a ln_date (UT) to a ln_zonedate (local time).

References ln_date::days, ln_zonedate::days, ln_zonedate::gmtoff, ln_date::hours, ln_zonedate::hours, ln_get_date(), ln_get_julian_day(), ln_date::minutes, ln_zonedate::minutes, ln_date::months, ln_zonedate::months, ln_date::seconds, ln_zonedate::seconds, ln_date::years, and ln_zonedate::years.

void ln_deg_to_hms ( double  degrees,
struct ln_hms hms 

degrees to hours

radians to hours

References ln_hms::hours, ln_range_degrees(), ln_hms::minutes, and ln_hms::seconds.

Referenced by ln_equ_to_hequ().

void ln_zonedate_to_date ( struct ln_zonedate zonedate,
struct ln_date date